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Linear Position Transducer

Attaching the LPT to the barbell

Where should the (linear position transducer) LPT be attached to the barbell and will the resistance of the spring return...

Calculating power output during bench press and throw

Measurement of power during bench press using the BMS and linear transducer only is not as problematic as for a...

Can the data be smoothed to remove noise (eg. just after take-off/landing etc.)?

A Fourth order Butterworth digital filter is provided for all data sets including force. Cutoffs are selected under options.

How is velocity calculated from the linear transducer versus force data?

This depends on which option is selected to calculate data sets – displacement only (linear transducer), force only, or both....

Why not attach the position transducer to the athlete’s waist for barbell jump squats instead of attaching to barbell?

Many labs and teams do attach the transducer to the belt rather than bar. There are no strict methodologies at...
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