Woodway (R) makes some of the best treadmills in the World. When they wanted to instrument their athlete powered treadmills, they came to us!

  • Pacer Performance System Software interfaces with Woodway Force 3 and Curve 3 athlete powered treadmills

  • Records and analyses 4 force signals from the treadmill deck to measure vertical forces as well as track the centre of pressure as the foot moves over the deck

  • High resolution digital encoder provides highly accurate distance, velocity and acceleration data for each and every step

  • Programs can be easily created in Excel and loaded into the software for the athlete to race against

  • Trials can be saved and used as a “Pacer” – Athletes can race against themselves or other “virtual” athletes

  • Gait analysis includes step rate, step length, flight and contact time, left and right force and power output, with extensive symmetry analysis

  • Interfaced with Windows or Mac computers for full computer processing power

  • Data files can be imported to most third party applications such as Excel, MatLab, R, for specific performance analysis

We research, design, develop and market advanced software and hardware systems for testing and training human performance. We are responsive to client needs and hold validity, reliability, dependability, relevance and effectiveness as core design and support priorities.

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