We asked strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists throughout the world what they wanted in a force platform for athlete performance diagnosis and training.

  • Lighter and more portable – built for travel – but equally effective in the weight room or laboratory

  • Constructed in Australia from carbon fiber composite to the highest quality standards

  • Not just total force measurement but 4 individual load cell signals for superior symmetry analysis without the cost, weight, complexity and inconvenience of dual platforms

  • BUT…. Two C-Force platforms can be connected to achieve an even more powerful solution – DUAL platforms, with 8 simultaneous force signals and a total surface area of 140cm x 50 cm OR 100cm x 70cm. Now THAT is cool!

  • Not reliant on mains power, no batteries to recharge or go flat

  • Super fast sample rate up to 1,000 samples per second

  • Very high resolution with 18 bit data acquisition

  • Large enough to test tall athletes

  • Capable of a wide range of both dynamic and isometric strength and power tests:

    • countermovement jump, concentric only (squat) jump, depth jump
    • weightlifting movements e.g. snatch, high pull, clean
    • single leg hops and landings
    • land and hold – single and double leg
    • isometric mid-thigh pull, squat, posterior chain, shoulders
    • upper body ballistic e.g. pushup, shoulder press
    • and many more…
  • Interfaced with Windows or Mac computers for full computer processing power

  • No smart phones, tablets or reliance on a network connection

  • All data is stored locally on your computer for confidentiality and security BUT we also offer full cloud storage, analytics and visualisation

  • You buy it – you own it, no ongoing costs of leasing or software subscription (optional cloud platform requires subscription)

Innervations has designed and created a new performance force platform based on over 38 years of athlete and patient performance diagnosis.


  • 700mm x 500m x 50mm platform dimensions
  • Up to 1,000 per second (Hz) sampling frequency on all four force channels
  • Powered entirely from USB connection to computer
  • Constructed entirely from carbon fiber apart from load cells, cables and USB interface
  • Maximum force measurement of 9,800 N (1000 kg mass equivalent)
  • Can be configured with dual platforms for simultaneous left and right data collection
  • 4 independent force channels for symmetry, balance and stability analysis with a single platform
  • Less than 10kg mass
  • 18 bit AtoD for resolution of 0.04 N (0.003 kg or 3 gm mass equivalent)
  • Includes latest Ballistic Measurement System Version 2 software
  • Includes latest Innerbalance software
  • Supporting dual screens, rapid trial analysis, symmetry assessment, and real time feedback

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