Kinematic Measurement System (KMS) supports more than 20 different speed, endurance, jumping and throwing tests all based on high resolution timing of events.

  • Software and hardware solution for timing of events in running, jumping, change of direction and so much more…

  • Records switch changes from light gates or contact mats to 1 millisecond accuracy

  • Multigate sprint timing for accurate split times – automatic calculation of average and peak velocity

  • Jump mat can be used to measure flight and contact time for single and multiple jumps and hops

  • Large range of change of direction (COD) and reactive agility tests (RAT) including video response testing

  • Bosco Test and Box Text for highly functional assessment of anaerobic power

  • Sophisticated computer algorithms overcome problem of switch bounce and false signals

  • Performance Feedback with instantaneous visual and audible indicators of the performance achieved and whether the athlete is successful at meeting the target

We research, design, develop and market advanced software and hardware systems for testing and training human performance. We are responsive to client needs and hold validity, reliability, dependability, relevance and effectiveness as core design and support priorities.

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