Innerbalance accurately tracks force and the centre of pressure during static and dynamic tasks to provide detailed measures of balance, stability, symmetry and functional movement.

  • Centre of Pressure (COP) is accurately measured along with sway angle

  • Ideal for posturography, measuring postural and balance control in static and dynamic conditions

  • Highly portable system, quick to set up and easy to use

  • Measure COP displacement in anterior posterior (front to back) and medio lateral (left to right) directions as well as sway angle

  • Capable of a wide range of static tests: standing balance, single leg, eyes open/closed, standing on foam or dynamic: drop and stick, hops, jumps, squat

  • Unique assessment of concussion status to inform return to play decisions based on empirical data on balance deficit

  • Accurate, valid and reliable training and assessment of rehabilitation progress, proprioception and control

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