We research, design, develop and market advanced software and hardware systems for testing and training human performance. We are responsive to client needs and hold validity, reliability, dependability, relevance and effectiveness as core design and support priorities.


Ultimate force platform for performance assessment. Portable, powerful, accurate. Four load cells for excellent symmetry analysis with a single platform. Ideal for measurement of force, impulse, rate of force development, velocity and power. Combined with our InnerBalance software track center of pressure for balance, stability and functional movement assessment. 


The BMS is our software solution for data collection, analysis and visualisation from force platforms and linear position transducer. BMS automatically produces the largest range of outcome measures of any product on the market, all back by scientific research. Comparison of left to right symmetry for force and impulse measures as well as breakdown of yielding, braking, eccentric and concentric phases of stretch shorten cycle movements. 


Pacer is our software solution behind the Woodway (R) athlete powered treadmills. Designed to work with the Force3 and Curve3, Pacer collects data at 1000 samples per second to measure, analyse and display running speed, force (horizontal and vertical), power and gait measures including step length and rate with left to right comparisons IN REAL TIME! 


InnerBalance is our software solution for the assessment, training and monitoring of balance, stability and functional movement proficiency. Interfacing with most four force signal platforms, InnerBalance calculates center of pressure location in both the anterior/posterior and mediolateral (left to right) planes. Combined with measurement of vertical force application detail evaluation and reporting of both static and dynamic activities is provided. 


Weighing less than 2 kg and packing down to 55cm x 10cm x 10cm this is the isometric testing rig you can fit in your gym bag. Constructed in the highest quality carbon fiber with infinitely adjustable straps for perfect positioning, it is designed to fit exactly with our C-Force Performance Platform to provide the ultimate human performance testing solution. Isometric mid thigh pull, isometric squat, isometric bench, and a large range of other positions to measure specific force, impulse and rate of force development parameters.


Computerised system for testing and training athletes and patients. An inexpensive yet powerful tool for clinical assessment and rehabilitation. Based on millisecond timing of events using light switches and contact mats. KMS can be used to measure reactive agility, COD, anaerobic power, cutting speed, sprint speed, jump height and power, contact time, foot speed, gait timings, interval training, and functional capacity.

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