Isometric strength testing provides high reliability and validity of assessment in functional positions. Our portable strength testing rig is ideal for measurement in the field.

Isometric strength testing is highly reliable as confounding variables such as technique, experience, velocity and acceleration are more controlled or eliminated compared to isotonic or isokinetic strength testing. Because there is no weight to control, accelerations or impacts the risk of injury is also considerably lower.

Innervations specifically designed the portable isometric strength testing rig for our C-Force Performance Platform to be very light weight at <2kg and collapse down into a compact 45cm x 10cm x 10 cm package.  We include a carbon fiber bar which is very strong but light and quickly and easily can be assembled or collapsed down for portability.

The height of the bar can be infinitely adjusted using the webbing straps and stainless steel cam buckle so that a wide range of positions can be tested:

  • mid-thigh pull
  • back squat
  • chest press
  • shoulder press
  • ankle plantar flexion
  • bent over row
  • upright row
  • deadlift
  • elbow flexor
Isometric strength testing rig A
isometric strength test rg
Strength testing rig and C-Force platform

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