In 1986 we started with two products: Exercess – software for health and fitness assessment & MemberTrak – software for member management in health and fitness centres. Our initial trading name was Scifit and we operated as a small business until we formed our Australian company Optimal Kinetics Pty Ltd (ABN: 14 079 172 053) in 1997.

Innervations became our new trading name in 1999 when the parent company, Optimal Kinetics, moved its operations to the United States.

In 2003 we moved our company to Perth, Western Australia which is our current location.

All of our software systems are developed in Australia. All of the Innervations hardware is assembled in Perth, Australia using components manufactured in our facility in Perth or by fabrication companies in Perth and Melbourne. The load cells we use are manufactured in New Zealand and we use the highest quality data acquisition components manufactured in the United States and Europe.

Since 1997 Innervations has maintained a close collaboration with Fitness Technology providing software solutions for hardware designed and manufactured by them in Adelaide. This includes:

In 2003, Innervations joined a new collaboration with Fitness Technology and Woodway to instrument the Force and Curve athlete-powered treadmills. The software developed by Innervations is the Pacer Performance System. The instrumentation hardware is designed and manufactured in Adelaide by Fitness Technology:

We are a company offering many products and services for human performance assessment, training, monitoring and rehabilitation, all with a technology base. Our distinct specializations are:
1. The design and development of equipment and software for the testing, training and rehabilitation of patients and athletes.

2. The development and provision of short courses and consultancy in human performance and rehabilitation.

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