Our Ballistic Measurement System is tried and tested in the field, laboratory, weight room and clinic for over 23 years.

First released in 1998 and continually refined and updated, the Ballistic Measurement System (BMS) is a sophisticated software and hardware solution for monitoring training, assessing rehabilitation, providing feedback during rehabilitation and training, and state-of-the-art assessment of human performance.  The system comprises a force platform and/or cable-extension potentiometer (distance transducer), USB data collection interface, and custom software to accurately measure the vertical movement of the athlete, barbells, or weight machines. Velocity, acceleration, force, impulse and power can then be measured or derived.  The program can also analyze the data collected to display force, impulse, power, velocity, jump height, rate of force development for a total of over 60 different parameters currently available. Based on the latest research and requests from practitioners we are constantly adding new measurement parameters.

The full list of measurement parameters with definitions is available here…

A report on the validity and reliability of the system reveals excellent reproducibility of measurement.

BMS software also interfaces directly with:

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) can be performed easily and with high validity using the C-Force Performance Platform and a power cage or specially designed IMTP Rack from Innervations or IMTP Rack from Fitness Technology.

Being based on USB technology installation is easy.  Simply plug into the USB port of any Windows 7/8/10 (Apple iMac or MacBook via Parallels) computer and you are ready to test and train using the latest technology. We recommend the Microsoft Surface as they are portable and perfect to operate as a tablet.

Do you already own force platforms?

BMS software is capable of processing data files from a range of third party uniaxial and triaxial force platforms including:

  • Pasco Scientific
  • Hawkin Dynamics
  • AMTI
  • Kistler
  • Bertec
  • Others? Please ask…

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