Thank you for purchasing one of our C-Force Performance Platforms. This latest system from Innervations is the result of more than 38 years testing and training athletes and patients using force platforms. The C-Force is light and portable, fast, accurate and has a wide range of measurements of strength, power, speed, symmetry, balance and functional movement.

So let’s get started…

  1. Unpack the C-Force and remove from the carry case
  2. Screw the feet into the load cells (always remove the feet before packing back into the carry case)
  3. Place on the floor and level up if necessary by adjusting the feet
  4. Download and install the Measurement Computing software. Here is a video guide if you need some help.
  5. Plug the cable from the C-Force into a USB port on your computer
  6. Open the Instacal software and check that the USB-1808 board is found correctly and added to the list.
  7. Close the Instacal program.
  8. Download and install the latest Ballistic Measurement System software
  9. Go to your Windows desktop and open BMSV2
  10. Select the Options Tab and select Type of Interface – Measurement Computing
  11. Set the zero offset and calibrate the force. Here is a video guide
  12. Select the Dashboard Tab and start collecting trials!
  13. Contact us if any questions or comments