In keeping with the outstanding portability and utility of our C-Force Performance Platform our Isometric Strength Testing Rig is excellent for performing a wide range of whole, lower, and upper body isometric strength tests in the laboratory, weight room, on the court, or in the field.

Based on customer feedback and extensive modelling and redesign by our engineers we have evolved our Isometric Strength Testing Rig to Mach 2. This update includes:

  • more stability during high force and rapid efforts
  • stronger design and construction
  • flatter profile for easier packing, transport and storage
  • improved strap design for faster setup and adjustment
  • more precise location and stabilisation of the force platform feet
  • stiffer webbing reduces stretch and provides better rate of force development
Strength Testing Rig
isometric strength test rg
Strength testing rig and C-Force platform