Our Ballistic Measurement System Version 2 software release for 2022 has so many new features – here are some of the key enhancements and innovative capabilities

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Performance Diagnosis and Feedback

  • Realtime visual and audio feedback on key performance metrics
  • Set thresholds to motivate athlete effort and train technique
  • Instant display of parameters including left to right symmetry

Manage 100’s even 1000’s of athletes, patients and clients

  • Easy to maintain and navigate unlimited number and size of lists of individuals
  • Switch between different participant lists
  • Search function lets you find and identify the individual to be tested or trained quickly

Instantly select, recall and analyse trials

  • Review trials just completed or…
  • Load up multiple trials from the same or different individuals
  • Choose the parameter to display and set thresholds for comparison

Symmetry Analysis

  • Left to right force production can be accurately measured with a single force platform
  • Dual platform systems are way too much hassle, expense, and definitely not portable
  • Ratio of left to right is automatically calculated for peak concentric force, minimum unloading force, concentric impulse, eccentric impulse, force at eccentric to concentric transition

New Crop Tool

  • Select a region of the data stream and crop down
  • Automatic and instant analytics, visualisation, phase detection for selected movement
  • Save selected region/movement as a new data file

Extensive range of outcome measures

  • BMS already produces more outcome measures than any other system
  • Latest version adds extensive insights into unloading, yielding and braking of eccentric phase
  • We constantly research, review the literature and listen to our clients to refine the output parameters

Fully Automatic Mode

  • Trials are automatically recognised, data saved and parameters calculated
  • Graphs and results displayed continuously in real-time
  • Advanced heuristics are used to identify the movement type and analyse accordingly
  • Athlete can test and train their performance virtually unattended

Support for Dual Screens

  • Drive two screens from the one computer
  • Screen 1 displays the coach/clinician/researcher/scientist view with more extensive analytics and visualisations
  • Screen 2 displays the athlete/patient/client view with key data, visuals and real-time performance feedback

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