USB Contact Mat

Boxtest 40cmJust received your USB Contact Mat System? Lucky you! Tell me how to get started…

Contact Mats can be used for a very wide ranges of tests and training programs. The Innervations USB contact mat system is our most cost effective and highly portable solution for accurately timing contact time, flight time, and movement speed with 1 millisecond resolution. Click here for a video demonstration.

KMS USB Interface

KMS USB Interface

The system consists of:

  • light weight and low cost contact mat 58 cm x 43 cm (other sizes are available up to 152 cm x 61 cm)
  • dedicated micro computer with USB connection to the host computer
  • Kinematic Measurement System Software

Example performance tests include:

  • counter movement jump
  • concentric only jump
  • drop jump
  • first step quickness
  • fast feet
  • change of direction
  • agility
  • video agility test

Purchase USB Contact Mat System

Price for a contact mat including USB microcomputer module and KMS single user license is $1,200 AUD plus shipping.

If you would like to take the Kinematic Measurement System for a test try out, the full version of the software is available for free from our download page.  You will be able to install and run the software to see if the Kinematic Measurement System meets your requirements.usb+logo