Symmetry Analysis with BMSV2

  • November 2018
  • Posted By admin

Ballistic Measurement System Version 2 supports dual force plates to provide separate measurement of left and right forces or extend the measurement area. However, we did not want to leave behind our existing customers with single plates or future customers who only want or can afford a single force plate. 

BMSV2 measures and records each load cell individually and can separate out the left and right surprisingly well and provide excellent symmetry analysis. Symmetry analysis can be performed for both upper and lower body using a variety of static and dynamic movements including:

  • counter movement jump
  • drop jump
  • concentric only jump
  • isometric mid thigh pull
  • isometric squat
  • double hamstrings curl
  • pushup
  • isometric chest press
  • and many others…

For a demonstration please see our Symmetry Analysis video on YouTube