Clinical Assessment & Rehabilitation

0014Assessment of movement by athletes and patients during the performance of static and dynamic tasks provides empirical measurements for determining degree of functional loss, track the course of rehabilitation, inform return to play/work decisions and provide feedback for motivation and enhanced motor learning.

The foundation of Innervations solution is the portable force plate and InnerBalance software system which provides valid and reliable measures of vertical force and center of pressure.

A range of tests can be performed including:

  • quite standing for assessment of balance
  • balance under dynamic challenges such as perturbation or unstable support e.g. wobble board
  • Unilateral and bilateral landing tasks to assess ability to regain stability and control descent
  • Single and double leg squat for assessment of strength symmetry.
  • Single and double arm support for assessment of shoulder stability.
  • Lunge, tandem walk, chair rise for assessment of functional capacity.