Athlete Testing & Training

MalaysianSprinter2Assessment and interpretation through performance diagnosis is the process of assessing relative strengths and weaknesses of the athlete and then using this information to improve the effectiveness and safety of training programs.

Any sport will require key cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular components characterize performance. Discriminating and evaluating these components (qualities) is invaluable for athlete monitoring and program design. Process termed “performance diagnosis”. Targeting specific performance qualities with prescribed training will result in enhanced athlete performance.

The principal of diminishing returns dictates that performance qualities which are already highly developed in the athlete will require increasing training effort to elicit ever decreasing improvements.

Therefore, effective training should involve “Mixed Methods” approach. The more developed particular component the smaller the window of adaptation. Greatest efficiency of training derived from targeting components which the athlete is most weak.

Innervations offers a total solution for Performance Diagnosis ranging from aerobic capacity, repeat sprint ability through to speed, strength and power assessment, training and feedback for athlete and coach.