Release of Video Agility Test

  • June 2014
  • Posted By admin

There are no flashing lights or computer generated arrows on a football field or basketball court to direct the athlete to react in a certain way. This is why extensive research demonstrates that to validly test and train reactive agility the athlete must be presented with a realistic stimulus which they can observe, interpret, formulate a response and react quickly and correctly. The Video Agility Test implemented in the Kinematic Measurement System uses actual video recordings of an opponent or opponents to provide the stimulus to which the athlete must react. High performing athletes are able to subconsciously recognise certain movements or cues and then put the correct movement plan into action extremely rapidly. This skill can also be developed in lesser athletes once they are taught what to look for. This can be effectively achieved by presenting video stimuli and giving immediate performance feedback.

The Innervations YouTube Channel includes a demonstration of the Video Agility Test or download the trial software and try it out for yourself.