Pacer Performance System

Innervations has developed the Pacer Performance System Software for the latest athlete powered treadmills (Force3 and Curve3) from Woodway. The combination of state of the art non-motorized treadmill with powerful Windows software provides a testing and training system with stunning capabilities. The system is fully programmable and programs can be saved and recalled at will. This permits development of very specific continuous and interval training protocols which mimic the target sport. The Pacer function allows athletes and coaches to save a particular run and then call it up later to act as a pacer. This means the athlete can “race” themselves, or at least their performance from say 6 months previously. Pacer files can be saved from top athletes in the squad and others can then recall and race against these benchmarks.

Pacer Dashboard

A tachometer mounted on the treadmill drum continuously records distance travelled. From this continuous velocity time data is calculated. A horizontally mounted force transducer (Force3) or high resolution tachometer (Curve3) permits measurement of propulsive force. Combining distance, velocity and force data, actual horizontal work done and power output are calculated. Vertically mounted force transducers record the vertical force applied to the treadmill bed.

Gait Analysis in Real Time

By measuring all 4 vertical forces the position of the center of pressure (COP) can be determined and tracked during walking and running gait. These measures combined with force and power output can be used to calculate an extensive range of gait parameters including:

    • Step rate and length
    • step power
    • vertical and horizontal average and peak force

Pacer Program

All gait variables are determined for left and right legs and then compared to assess gait symmetry.

Trial endpoints can be set for time, distance, speed or work. For example, a target distance of 100 meters can be set and then the athlete sprints over this distance and the data collection will finish at the 100 meter mark.

Both Metric and English units of measurement are provided.

Program designer is used to specify an almost unlimited series of stages. The duration, target speed, braking load, a visible prompt, and even a spoken command in the form of a sound file can be specified.

Computer Requirements

  • Computer running Windows XP, Vista,  Windows7 or Windows8
  • Apple iMac or MacBook running Parallels or VMWare
  • USB port

Pacer Graphs

Free introduction into the Pacer Performance System

We would really appreciate you taking the Pacer Performance System for a test try out.   The full version of the software is available for free from our download page.  You will be able to install and run the software to see if the Pacer Performance Sysem meets your requirements.

If you wish to purchase now the price for single user license is $1,900 AUD. Please note this is for the software only and not the treadmill. Please contact us to request pricing on the Woodway Force3 and Curve3 treadmills.