Testing and Training Change of Direction and Cutting Speed using the Kinematic Measurement System


  • KMS randomly displays a directional arrow
  • athlete changes direction as indicated and sprints and to the indicated target
  • system measures time to reach target
  • number of reps can be preset
  • delay between passing start switch and presentation can be set between 0 and 20 seconds
  • both testing and training applications
  • determine if athlete is slower cutting to a given direction

How to run a test:

  1. Setup the test conditions by selecting “Options” from the KMS “View” menu

  1. The following “Options” window will be displayed. Select the “Intelligent Director” tab.

  1. Set the delay before direction is displayed in milliseconds.  This is the time period after the athlete crosses the start gate before the direction arrow is displayed.  The longer this period, the later it is before the arrow is displayed and the less time the athlete has to react and change direction.
  2. Select the directions to be displayed.  All four can be used, just left or right, just left, etc.. In fact any combination so long as at least one direction is selected. The direction for each trial will be randomly selected from those selected.
  3. Set the number of trials, from the General options tab.
  4. Lay out light gates and/or contact mats in appropriate configuration.  Distances between gates and configuration depends on the aspects of reaction time and speed you aim to assess.  An example layout for testing left and right cutting speed is displayed below.


  1. You are now ready to begin the test.
  2. Select the “Intelligent Director” option from the KMS “Tests” menu

  1. The following “Intelligent Director” test window will appear

  1. When the athlete is ready to begin click the start button. The following message will be displayed:

Start When Ready!

  1. In his/her own time the athlete begins the trial by running through the start gate.  An arrow indicating the direction  the athlete should run will be displayed on the computer screen.
  2. The athlete changes direction and sprints to the target.
  3. The time for the trial just completed is displayed and the athlete is instructed to start the next trial when ready.
  4. After the designated number of trials have been completed the following summary data is displayed.

  1. Clicking “Save Trial” will save the results the document with the following information

Intelligent Director Test
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 Time: 09:58 AM
Subject: John Smith Mass: 78 kg

Trial No.  Time (s)  Direction
1 1.867 Left
2 1.519 Right
3 1.721 Right
4 1.940 Left
5 1.644 Right
6 1.548 Right


average time 1.707
best time 1.519
left:right ratio 1.18