Major Update to KMS Software

Kinematic Measurement System Version 2 Released

KMS software Version 2 released 2018 is a major upgrade moving to the latest Microsoft Development Environment for greater stability and implementation of fantastic new features. The KMS V2 software has the same look and feel so it will be familiar for current users but we have added a DASHBOARD feature which displays real time graphs of key variables with both visual and audio feedback. Show me a video of the new DashBoard Feature!

KMS DashBoard

What is the Kinematic Measurement System?

kmsjumper 2 Kinematic Measurement SystemComputerised system for testing and training athletes and patients.  An inexpensive yet powerful tool for clinical assessment and rehabilitation.  Based on millisecond timing of events using light switches and contact mats. KMS can be used to measure agilityanaerobic powercutting speed, sprint speed, jump height and power, contact time, foot speed, gait timings, interval training, functional capacity etc.

If you have already purchased an earlier version of the KMS software then you can upgrade at 50% discount for $495 AUD. Please enter the serial number of your hardware interface (e.g. XPV6+ or Arduino) which can be found by clicking on Help-About in the KMS software.

New purchase or upgrade
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