KMS – Demonstration of False Signal Processing

The false signal processing is automatic by default and in most instances you will only make small adjustments in the settings for a jump test versus a sprint timing test.  for this demonstration it is instructive to alter the settings of the processor and then observe the resulting changes in the timings because manual fine tuning can improve the results.

Step 1.

Run the KMS program by clicking the Start button on the Windows toolbar.  If you do not have the software installed on your computer you can download a fully functional version by clicking here:

Step 2.

Select view and then click ‘On-Screen Switch’ to display the demo switch input. Clicking on this switch will simulate real switch changes by light gates or contact mats.

Step 3.

Select view and then click ‘Options’ to display the ‘Options’ window. This window allows you to change the settings of the false signal processor.

Options Window

Step 4.

Select ‘Tests’, ‘Running’ then ‘Multiple Gate’

Multiple Gate Test Window

Step 5.

Click the ‘On-Screen Switch’ to simulate switch changes.  Try clicking twice rapidly so that the time between switch changes is less than 1000ms, the minimum time set in the Options window.  You should see that the false signals are removed.

Step 6.

After completing a test, press ”
Stop” then try setting the ‘Minimum Time” on the ‘Options Window’ to say 50ms and then press the ‘Process False’ button on the ‘Multiple Gate Test’ window.  The false times will now be displayed because they are no longer less than the minimum switch time specified.  In the following example you will see that the switch changes at 5.619 and 5.797 seconds are within only 178 ms.  The extra ‘false’ switch change would be registered by most systems and the trial would have to abandoned.  with the KMS it is registered as an extra switch change and thus the last change at 11.237 seconds has a question mark next to it.

Step 7.

Set the ‘Minimum Time’ to 1000ms again on the ‘Options’ Window and press the ‘Process False’ button again and you will see the false signals removed and the correct times are displayed at each of the gates.  You can also try other settings for ‘False Signal Processing’ such as ‘longest ON’ and ‘second ON’ and observe the results.