KMS 4 Gate Porta Kit

Light gate timing system designed for the Kinematic Measurement System.  We offer a wide range of infra red light beams, contact mats, hand switches, and starter’s siren.  High quality infra red light beams ensure accurate timing.  The Porta trolley 62 x 38 x 42cm ( 25” x 15” x 17”) (shown) with retractable carry handle provides protection for your systems during transport and storage while being an excellent solution for testing in the field or while traveling.4 Gate PortaKit includes 4 light gates, power supply, 3 X 10M cables, plugs, sockets, cable connections, audible 120 dB starting switch/test etc as shown in the photo. Cables are available in any length combinations. Total weight 18KG (40 lbs).

Optional extras available include:

  • Heavy Duty non-slip Tapeswitch Pressure contact mats in a range of custom sizes. We recommend that at least one of these mats should be purchased with our KMS 4 Gate Porta Kit. This non slip and heavy duty mat is ideal for all tests in the KMS Menu except the sprint timing which is best completed with light gates.

  • Extra timing light sets (both single and double beam light gates are available)

  • Extra cables and connection fittings

Please contact us for custom packages and prices to suit your requirements.