Getting Started with the Wireless Bluetooth Contact Mat

Congratulations on receiving your wireless Bluetooth Contact Mat with Kinematic Measurement System Software. Here are the steps to getting up and running – literally!

KMS BlueTooth Interface

  1. If you have not already done so Download and Install the KMS Software.
  2. Switch on the KMS Wireless Interface. It will flash green three times when it starts up Show me a large image…
  3. Plug in the contact mat.
  4. Set up the Bluetooth connection. Show me a video of this…
  5. Run the Kinematic Measurement System. There are lots of instructional videos on how to use the KMS…

To recharge the batteries in the KMS Wireless Interface, the switch should be in the OFF position. Plug in the USB cable and the other end into any USB power source.

Any problems? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section, check out our Instructional Video or contact Innervations Support.