Testing and Training Anaerobic Power using the Kinematic Measurement System

The 90 Second Box Test provides a functional technique to assess anaerobic power and endurance with greater specificity to sports involving jumping and rapid direction changes.  The test involves the athlete jumping off and onto a box with the goal of completing as many repetitions as possible within a 90 second period.  With a contact mat placed securely to the top of the box, the KMS records total repetitions as well as number completed in each 10 second segment.  Total work done, average power output and peak power output for a given 10 second segment are also calculated based on the height of the box and the athlete’s body mass.  A 40cm box height is recommended.

To complete the test:

  1. ensure that the athlete has completed an appropriate warmup and is ready for all out exercise
  2. the athlete begins the test standing on the top of the box
  3. select the Box Test from the KMS Test menu

  1. the following test window will be displayed

  1. when the athlete is ready, count them in and press start
  2. the athlete drops down to one side of the box then jumps back onto the box and then drops down on opposite side of the box
  3. this is repeated as quickly as possible
  4. KMS will count the repetitions and display the total and segment count, total work done, average and peak power output.
  5. False signal processing ensures that only one repetition is counted each time the athlete lands and leaves the box.  Minimum time for false signal processing should be set at 400ms but may need to be less for exceptional athletes.