Kinematic Measurement System

What is the KMS?

kmsjumper-2Computerised system for testing and training athletes and patients. An inexpensive yet powerful tool for clinical assessment and rehabilitation. Based on millisecond timing of events using light switches and contact mats. KMS can be used to measure agility, anaerobic power, cutting speed, sprint speed, jump height and power, contact time, foot speed, gait timings, interval training, functional capacity etc.

USB Contact Mat System

Our USB contact mat system incorporates a dedicated microcomputer powered by USB. The latest technology in a portable and inexpensive timing system for a wide range of testing, training and rehabilitation applications. More information…

Wireless Bluetooth Contact Mat System

Our latest innovation is a wireless Bluetooth contact mat system which incorporates a dedicated microcomputer powered by a rechargeable power pack. This is our latest technology in a portable and inexpensive timing system for a wide range of testing, training and rehabilitation applications. More information…

Video Agility Test

Truly test reactive agility using the Video Agility Test included in the latest version of Kinematic Measurement System. Video clips of actual opponents are displayed in random order with the athlete working hard to see cues, interpret, plan and respond appropriately. This is the next generation for testing and training reactive agility.

False signal processing brings single-photocell timing up to accuracy of dual-photocell. Latest no-reflector light gates as accurate as dual-photocell.

A peer reviewed scientific publication has demonstrated that single-photocell (SR) timing gate systems without false signal processing have significant and meaningful measurement error of 10m sprint performance and may not be able to detect training or deconditioning induced changes in performance. With signal processing (longest ON in this case) the single-photocell could measure 10 metre sprint time without any false signals (arm or leg breaking beam as well as trunk) but dual-beam gates did not totally eliminate false signals. A new photocell was tested that does not require a reflector (NR) and with false signal processing, eliminated all false signals and was on average within 9ms of the time measured with a dual-photocell timing gate. “The latest NR photocells appear equally accurate as SP and greatly reduce setup time and equipment to be transported.” Light gates that do not require reflectors are now available from Fitness Technology and integrate seamlessly into our Kinematic Measurement System.

Performance Feedback is a great feature of the KMS with instantaneous visual and audible indicators of the performance achieved and whether the athlete is successful at meeting the target. For more information please see Performance Feedback.

A detailed discussion of the advantages of the KMS over other timing systems on the market can be viewed by clicking here.

For scientific references on the validity, reliability and applications of this technology please click here.

KMS PortaKit with 4 light gates and starter’s siren is now available.
Click here for details.

The KMS is a computer based system for measuring a large range of human performances. These include:

  • Vertical jumping – both single, drop jump and multiple jumps
  • Interval & multi gate run tests
  • Gait analysis
  • Balance assessment and rehabilitation
  • Agility tests (first step quickness)
  • 90 second Box Test
  • Contact time

Key Benefits

  • Turns any Windows compatible computer into a sophisticated timing system for performance testing
  • Inexpensive and comprehensive measurement system that has no equal
  • Computer accuracy in time measurement
  • Instant feedback for the athlete during training and testing
  • All test results can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel for professional reporting and collation of test results
  • Utilizes your existing investment in your computer rather than requiring you to purchase a dedicated timing device which has no other use
  • Effectively overcomes the problems of switch bounce and false signals which plague all other timing systems. Click here if you would like to see a demonstration of False Signal Processing in operation.

Computer Requirements

  • Windows XP or later compatible computer or MacOS with Windows emulator
  • USB or Bluetooth

Show me how easy it is to run a test!

KMSgates.jpg (15862 bytes)
KMS with infrared light gates for sprint testing.

KMS is a Scalable Performance Testing System

One of the great features of this system is that you can be up and testing with only the software and a simple contact mat. The jumping, gait analysis, fast feet, and contact time tests only require a mat and if your budget is tight then even the running and first step quickness tests can be conducted just using contact mats. The base system includes software, data interface, user guide and one contact mat. We use contact mats from Tapeswitch and full details of both the light duty and heavy duty models are available on the their website.

Now you can expand your system as your finances permit with the addition of infra red timing lights (single or dual beam), starting gun switches, hand or foot switches etc.. An extensive range of compatible equipment is available.

Clinical Assessment and Rehabilitation

The KMS can be used as an inexpensive yet powerful tool for clinical assessment and rehabilitation of patients. A discussion of this application can be found on our Clinical Assessment and Rehabilitation page.

Teaching Laboratories for Exercise Science

The KMS can be used as a very inexpensive teaching tool for the exercise sciences. Here are three laboratory sessions which demonstrate key aspects of human performance:

Free introduction to the Kinematic Measurement System

We would really appreciate you taking the Kinematic Measurement System for a test try out. The full version of the software is available for free from our download page. You will be able to install and run the software to see if the Kinematic Measurement System meets your requirements.

If you wish to purchase now the price for single user license is $990 AUD. Please note this is for software only. You then need to add a timing interface such as the XPV7, USB or Bluetooth Wireless devices as well as switches such as contact mats or timing lights. Please contact us for recommendations and pricing.

If you have already purchased an earlier version of the KMS software then you can upgrade at 50% discount for $495 AUD. Please enter the serial number of your hardware interface (e.g. XPV6+ or Arduino) which can be found by clicking on Help-About in the KMS software.

New purchase or Upgrade

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