Expression and Development of Maximal Muscle PowerExpression and Development of Maximal Muscle Power – A PhD thesis by Robert Newton is available for free download.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Review Of Related Literature
Chapter 3 The Effect Of A Braking Device In Reducing The Ground Impact Forces Inherent In Ballistic Resistance Training
Chapter 4 A Comparison Of The Traditional And Ballistic Resistance Training Movements
Chapter 5 Influence Of Load And Stretch Shortening Cycle On The Kinematics, Kinetics And Muscle Activation During Powerful Upper Body Movements
Chapter 6 Ballistic Resistance Training And The Development Of Vertical Jump Performance Of Elite Athletes
Chapter 7 Resistance Training Induced Changes In Maximal Muscle Power In Young And Old Men
Chapter 8 Summary And Conclusions
Chapter 9 Directions For Further Research




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