The data interface for Ballistic Measurement System will be one of three models:

1) XPV6

2) XPV6+

3) XPV7 – built into the Performance force plate

The interface units require the installation of a driver which is the same for all 3 models. However, for the XPV6 the device driver makes the unit connected through the USB port appear as a serial port or COM connection.  The XPV6+ and XPV7 use a USB2.0 driver and is a direct device operating through the USB port.  If you only have a USB 1.0 or 1.1 port that is fine and the interface will just operate at the slower transfer speeds.

The device driver should be installed automatically when you install the BMS software. If there is a problem or and you suspect the driver, Click here is to install the device driver

Running the Ballistic Measurement System

To run the BMS software, click on the “Start” Button then select “All Programs” then “Innervations” then “Ballistic Measurement System”