Performance Force Plate

Here is a video of the plate in action

We asked strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists throughout the world what they wanted in a force plate for athlete testing and training. The result is the Performance Force Plate, specifically designed with key features in mind:

  1. Low cost
  2. Light weight and portable – total weight of 17 Kg (37.4 lbs)
  3. Dimensions 795mm L x 795mm W x 100mm H Aluminum Framed Platform with a Carbon Fibre Top & 3M Safety-Walk TM non-slip surface.
  4. USB interface to the computer for high speed and reliable data transfer
  5. Powered from USB port and requires no external power source
  6. Low profile – only 100mm height
  7. Provides essential Strength & Conditioning (S&C) data on the power output of all athletes.

Measurement of vertical ground reaction force combined with the Ballistic Measurement System (BMS) software provides very accurate data on athlete performance in:

  1. Vertical jump (single or multiple)
  2. Traditional isotonic lifting training in squat or deadlift
  3. Isometric testing of functional tasks such as squat or deadlift or Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
  4. Weightlifting movements such as snatch, clean, and pull
  5. Place a bench on the plate and you can measure upper body performance in bench press or bench throw

Performance in vertical jumping provides valuable information on leg extensor strength qualities. The BMS calculates a range of key performance variables:

  1. Peak and average force
  2. Peak and average power output
  3. Peak velocity
  4. Maximum rate of force development
  5. Starting strength
  6. Jump height
  7. Flight to contact ratio