Linear Position Transducer

We use the highest quality Linear Position Transducers for the accurate measurement of displacement (distance) and subsequent assessment of human performance. Velocity, acceleration, force, impulse and power can then be measured or derived.

The position transducer accurately tracks the movement of the bar during power cleans, snatch, squats, jumps. By attaching the cable to the athlete’s waist, accurate recordings of takeoff velocity, jump height, and jump power can be obtained. Repetitions can be counted and true total work done calculated including accurate recording of training volume. Thresholds can be set to give feedback on velocity of movement, power, or even contact time.

Please feel free to download the Ballistic Resistance System Software which will function in a demonstration mode if the required hardware is not installed.  You can also view a digital movie of the BMS in action during jumps squats, power clean or a range of other videos in our library

DashBoard of BMS.NET

 Training Screen with Real-time Performance Feedback

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 Summary Data for a Counter Movement Squat

BMS Performance Measures