The Ballistic Measurement System is a sophisticated software and hardware solution for monitoring training, assessing rehabilitation, providing feedback during rehabilitation and training, and state-of-the-art assessment of human performance.  The system comprises a force plate and/or cable-extension potentiometer (distance transducer), USB data collection interface, and custom software to accurately measure the vertical movement of the athlete, barbells, or weight machines. Velocity, acceleration, force, impulse and power can then be measured or derived.  The program can also analyze the data collected to display peak force, power, and velocity, jump height, and rate of force development. A report on the validity and reliability of the system reveals excellent reproducibility of measurement.

When combined with the Ballistic Braking System, the eccentric load can be automatically controlled throughout the movements through a process termed eccentric loading control.The core hardware component of the Ballistic Measurement System is Performance Force Plate from Fitness Technology which is a revolution in the assessment and development of human performance. Vertical ground reaction force can be measured directly providing the most valid descriptors of ground based force, impulse and power production. This inexpensive yet scientifically proven force plate is powered entirely from the USB interface from the computer providing a very portable solution. Our InnerBalance System is another solution which utilises the force plate and adds capability for assessment and development of balance, stability and function. 

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull can be performed easily and with high validity using the Performance Force Plate and a power cage or specially designed IMTP Rack from Fitness Technology.

Being based on USB technology installation is easy.  Simply plug into the USB port of any Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (Apple iMac or MacBook via Parallels) computer and you are ready to test and train using the latest technology.

Please feel free to download the Ballistic Resistance System Software which will function in a demonstration mode if the required hardware is not installed.  You can also view a digital movie of the BMS in action during jumps squats, power clean or a range of other videos in our library

DashBoard of BMS.NET

The position transducer accurately tracks the movement of the bar during power cleans, snatch, squats, jumps.

By attaching the cable to the athlete’s waist, accurate recordings of takeoff velocity, jump height, and jump power can be obtained.

Repetitions can be counted and true total work done calculated.

Accurate recording of workout volume.

Thresholds can be set to give feedback on velocity of movement, power, or even contact time

BMSScreen2.gif (17702 bytes)

Training Screen with Realtime Performance Feedback

Summary Data for a Counter Movement Squat

BMS Performance Measures

Free introduction to the Ballistic Measurement System

We would really appreciate you taking the Ballistic Measurement System for a test try out.   The full version of the software is available for free from our download page.  You will be able to install and run the software to see if the Ballistic Measurement System meets your requirements.

If you wish to purchase now the price for single user license is $1,500 AUD. Please note this is for the software only and does not include any hardware. Please contact us to request pricing on measurement transducers such as the 400s Force Plate or Linear Position Transducer.