Ballistic Power System

The Ballistic Power System is a computerized system for the testing and training of muscle strength and power. This system has broad application in exercise science, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning.

Ballistic Measurement System Software Now Available for Download

Explosive Power – Athletic Training – Strength – Performance Testing – Rehabilitation

“It is my belief that your ideas and the machines and computer systems that result are innovative and of great potential for improving the performance of elite athletes. I look forward to continuing our communications and cooperative work in the future.”

Al Vermeil
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chicago Bulls Basketball Team, NBA Champions 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998

Key Benefits

  • Explosive, ballistic movements such as jumps and throws can be performed safely.
  • Braking mechanism controls the eccentric loading allowing ballistic resistance training to be performed without the risk of injury.
  • Computer constantly monitors the performance providing detail reports on height, velocity, contact time, work done, power output, reps and sets completed.
  • Instant performance feedback on height, velocity, contact time or power output increases motivation and training efficiency.

There are 3 independent modules to the Ballistic Resistance System

  1. Ballistic Measurement System
  2. Ballistic Braking System
  3. FT700 Power Cage