Carbon Fibre Force Plate

  • September 2018
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You asked for it!  Lighter – 10kgStronger – all carbon fibre constructionFaster – up to 10,000 samples per second! More accurate – 18bit resolutionDual plate capability for symmetry analysisLow cost – $14,900 AUD Our new C-Force Performance plate is manufactured in Australia with the highest quality carbon fibre methods from a computer aided design using local,

Release of Ballistic Measurement System Version 2

  • June 2018
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Version 2 of the BMS software is a major upgrade moving to the latest Microsoft Development Environment for greater stability and implementation of fantastic new features. The BMS Version 2 is a complete re-write with an entirely new interface and we have added a DASHBOARD feature which displays real time graphs of key variables with

Kinematic Measurement System Version 2 Software Now Available

  • February 2018
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Kinematic Measurement System Version 2 released in 2018 is a major upgrade moving to the latest Microsoft Development Environment for greater stability and implementation of fantastic new features. The KMS software has the same look and feel and most options are in the same places but we have added a DASHBOARD feature which displays real time graphs

NEW – Wireless Contact Mat System

  • October 2015
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We have just released a completely wireless contact mat system for measuring human performance including jumps, agility and reaction speed. Using a Bluetooth wireless interface to our Kinematic Measurement System this is a highly portable, powerful, accurate and inexpensive tool for athlete assessment and training.  Show me a video… or Show me more information…

Release of Video Agility Test

  • June 2014
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There are no flashing lights or computer generated arrows on a football field or basketball court to direct the athlete to react in a certain way. This is why extensive research demonstrates that to validly test and train reactive agility the athlete must be presented with a realistic stimulus which they can observe, interpret, formulate

Evaluation of new 600 pulse tachometer on Woodway Force3 and Curve3 treadmills

  • May 2014
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Fitness Technology is now installing the much higher resolution 600 pulse tachometers in the Woodway Force3 and Curve3 athlete-powered treadmills. Compared to the original 30 pulse tacho which had a resolution of 20mm the 600 pulse tacho has 20 times higher resolution at 1 mm per pulse. The resulting displacement, velocity and acceleration data is

Latest in Strength and Conditioning – Keynote Address at Asian Conference on Sports Science

  • November 2013
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Professor Newton delivered a Keynote Address at the Asian Conference on Sports Science which was held at the Hong Kong Sports Institute in October 2013. “Latest in Strength and Conditioning” presented research and practical application of the interaction of strength and power and speed and strategies to assess and develop athlete performance. Digital recording of

Announcing the Release of InnerBalance Software

  • June 2013
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Announcing Release of InnerBalance InnerBalance is a software solution for assessing, testing, training and rehabilitating athletes and patients.  Based on vertical ground reaction force measures from the Fitness Technology portable force plate the system calculates centre of pressure and force characteristics during tasks ranging from quiet standing to landing from jumps or performing unilateral or bilateral upper

Instructional Video Library

  • March 2013
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We have added links to all of the Fitness Technology instructional videos all grouped by software and hardware solution. There is extensive information in easy to follow videos which provide step-by-step examples of: installing hardware and software data collection data analysis key testing and training protocols Click here for the video library