Force3 Install Beijing

  • March 2013
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IMG_1690[1]The first Force3 athlete powered treadmill in Beijing was installed at the National Sports Training Center on 13th March 2013. Active Lifestyle China did an excellent job of the installation and we are looking forward to working with Executive Director, Mr Roy Xia and his team in the future.

The Force 3 is located in the National Team Physical Training Centre which is directed by Mr Jerry Wang and is one of the most modern, well equipped and science based training facilities in China.

The Force3 and Curve3 are athlete powered treadmills developed by Woodway with instrumentation from Fitness Technology and software by Innervations. This is a formidable collaboration of three companies to produce a very powerful solution for testing and training running performance as well as assessing and rehabilitating gait.

Active Lifestyle China is distributing and supporting these treadmills in China completing a highly professional and enduring team to bring this leading edge technology to China.

Curve3 Treadmill

Curve3 Athlete Powered Treadmill

Force3 Treadmill

Force3 Athlete Powered Treadmill